Improvement Projects

Current & Future Projects Include:

  1. Playground upgrade: Removal of playground structure & Installation of volleyball court, slides and small playsets for toddlers.

  2. Basketball court upgrades: Backboard

  3. Adding additional plants to common areas

  4. Painting of Buildings

Recently Completed Projects Include:

  1. Pool re-grouting, Restroom & Shower upgrade – completed in 2017

  2. Roof Ladder Enclosure completed in July 2014

  3. Safety Padding for the Tennis and Basketball Courts completed in June 2014

  4. Fire Extinguisher certification in 2009 and annual certification, thereafter

  5. Upgrade to salt water pool and Public Health Certification annually

  6. Painting of the buildings in 2010

  7. Completed Playground facilities which include lighted basketball and tennis courts and jogging trails in 2010

  8. Parcel Delivery Boxes installed in 2009

  9. Installed concrete benches in the playground facility

  10. Installed additional speed bumps

  11. Repainting striping and parking bumpers

  12. Postal Delivery Parking and signage

  13. Reseal Roof Project